Here’s an absolutely magnificent matt-varnish digipak CD with a never before made 16-page booklet containing brilliant artwork and lyrics pertaining to the album. It’s easily the most ambitious product that we’ll be making in this format and comes highly recommended by everyone involved.


1. Blood On The Table
2. Tempest
3. Mannequin
4. The Promise (feat. Miguel Inglês)
5. 1984
6. Despair
7. Tormento (feat. Ana Marques & Ariana Pereira)
8. Freak Show
9. 5 Minutes Alone
10. The Fall
11. Otherside
12. I’ll Be The End (feat. André Ferreira)

Released March 9, 2020, via Raising Legends Records

Recorded at Raising Legends Lisboa studios

Produced, mixed and mastered by Caesar Craveiro at Raising Legends Lisboa studios